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The Ultimate Guide to Outdoor Saunas

With falling temperatures, late sunrises and early sunsets, winter can be a gloomy and dreary experience for everyone. Each season comes with its own struggles and difficulties, and there are ways we can combat the various challenges and problems unique to each time of the year. When it comes to winter, probably one of the most effective, and yet overlooked ways, to elevate your spirits and feel your best is by installing an outdoor sauna or a Wooden hot tub into your garden. We’ve done all of the research for you and have written this guide so that you can understand why and how outdoor saunas are such an incredibly effective and worthwhile investment.

The underlying concept behind the mechanism and purpose of garden saunas is actually quite ingenious, and even though they may sound like a relatively new idea to some of us – the reality is that outdoor saunas have been in popular usage in other parts of the world for hundreds of years. For the unacquainted, it’s easy to think that garden saunas can only be brought at an extremely expensive premium, but in Nordic countries such as Finland, they’re far from a luxury item. More than half of the population of Finland, as a matter of fact, have an outdoor sauna in their home.

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Why Are Garden Saunas A Good Choice?

Considering that the people of Nordic nations face some of the longest, harshest and toughest winters faced by anyone else on the planet, it’s evident that they’re clearly onto something when it comes to the popularity of garden saunas in these regions. A regular soak, even if it just for a few minutes a day, in an outdoor sauna offers a myriad of health benefits and emotional, psychological, and physical advantages. Primarily, garden saunas work by increasing and enhancing blood flow throughout the body, and everyone knows that improved circulation generally improves overall health.

Outdoor sauna therapy has been around for centuries, and it provides the perfect environment for unwinding and relaxing. The heat is as rejuvenating as it is soothing, and encourages your heart to beat fast, widens your blood vessels, and enables blood to flow much more freely than it otherwise can in lower temperatures. This heightened circulation offers a range of benefits for you, from alleviating the muscle soreness of intense physical activity and exercise to helping the joint movement.


Those who suffer from limited or painful mobility due to conditions such as arthritis often experience relief from the enhanced blood flow encouraged by a garden sauna session.

There are considerable benefits for your mental and emotional well-being as well. Stress seems to have become endemic to contemporary life, and amidst the hustle and bustle of our daily routines finding some time for self-care and personal development can feel almost impossible. With an outdoor sauna in your home, you have a wonderfully soothing oasis of pure relaxation just a few mere steps away. Whether you decide to lock yourself away in your own private garden sauna or welcome in friends and family, it’s like having a personal spa where have the liberty to choose however you use it and whenever you want to.

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Purchasing the Perfect Outdoor Sauna

Alongside physiological and emotional benefits, outdoor saunas are an amazing way to create a comforting and peaceful refuge in your living spaces as well as bring value to your home. Garden saunas can be brought in a range of traditional and modern styles. There are classic barrel saunas if you want to opt for the quintessentially Nordic aesthetic, or if you’re going for a more contemporary vibe then there are also flawlessly designed pod saunas. The mechanics are also engineered in a number of ways, and you have the option to choose between wooden or electric stoves depending on which method of heating is the easiest or most attractive to you.


Regardless of your budget or preferences, there is certainly a garden sauna out there for everyone. With regards to the size of the sauna, a useful rule of thumb to follow is that each person should have two feet of space whilst they’re sitting upright – and depending on whether you’ll be reserving this outdoor sauna just for your own purposes or inviting other people for joint sauna therapy sessions will decide the size of the outdoor sauna which will accommodate your requirements and fit into your outdoor spaces.

Whilst there are cheaper alternatives such as DIY sauna kits, it is important to keep in mind that even these less expensive options can cost up to a couple of thousand dollars, pounds, or euros. However, a garden sauna is far from an off-hand or temporary purchase, and it is bound to become a beloved and treasured feature of your home for years to come..

Outdoor traditional sauna

Traditional Outside Saunas

Traditional garden saunas are also known as ‘dry saunas’, and are the saunas which have traditionally been used in Finland where they were first created. Dry, or traditional, outside saunas are completely different from wet saunas, which aren’t actually outside saunas in the strictest sense of the word. Wet saunas are non-traditional, and a more accurate definition for them is steam rooms because of the way they use a stream generator to boil water and release steam into the airtight compartment, generating moist heat.


The outside saunas being described in this guide are the traditional saunas, however, and they create dry heat in a completely different manner. The oldest method of generating this dry heat is the usage of a wood-burning stove, wherein water is poured with a ladle from a sauna bucket and then over the rocks above. This does create some level of moisture, but nowhere near the amount that is present in a steam room – where there is enough humidity to cause water condensation on the walls.

An alternative, and more modern, method of generating dry heat is electric. This is when an electric stove gradually heats the sauna rocks up, and the result is a heat that is even dryer than that produced by a wood-burning stove. Both electric and wood-burning stoves can be used outside, and perhaps one of the biggest advantages of traditional outside saunas is that they don’t require any plumbing – which makes installation relatively easy. What’s more, traditional outside saunas have a vent which ensures that fresh air is continually flowing in and out, preventing too much humidity from building up inside.

One of the central considerations you’ll have to make when purchasing an outside sauna is whether it will be powered by electricity or by the burning of wood on a stove. With an electric-powered outside sauna, the only thing you would require is proximity to a reliable and safe power source – and this will be the single most important deciding factor determining where you can place your sauna, especially because neither electric nor wood-burning outside saunas depend on plumbing or a supply of running water. Considering that a power source is required in order for the heating elements and lighting to function, an outdoor electric-powered outside sauna would have to be strategically placed beside some sort of main structure.

Alternatively, you could just purchase a wood-burning sauna so that you have the luxury of operating it completely off the grid. With this this type of sauna, it can be placed virtually anywhere, including any place in your garden or backyard. Electric heaters do enable you to easily and efficiently measure your electricity usage as well as the option to use a thermostat to control the temperature of the sauna. Wood-burning heaters, on the other hand, have to be controlled by adjusting the amount of wood that is placed into the hatch or by opening and closing the windows of the sauna accordingly.

Custom-Made Outside Saunas

There is a myriad of gorgeous designs, shapes, and types of outside saunas that you can purchase online. There are even customization options if you don’t mind spending a little more than you would with a ready-made version. When it comes to customization, the amount of choices available to you will become virtually endless, and if you’ve been looking for a truly unique sauna this is the perfect opportunity to bring your creative vision to life.


Outside saunas can become an incredibly beautiful feature in your garden, and this will only enhance the beauty and value of your home. LED lighting, for example, truly does give a magical and charming ambience to your outside sauna, especially during the evening or night. There are even options such as creating a quaint little terrace with some dainty wooden benches, shuttered windows, or even a cottage-style roof. You can even have an interior changing room or panoramic windows integrated into your garden sauna – however you decide to customize your outside sauna it will surely become a much-loved and well-used feature of your garden.

These customized outside saunas do require a greater initial investment, but they do capitalize on one of the most enticing aspects of possessing a sauna – which is its appearance and attractiveness. When it comes to DIY outdoor sauna kits, you are relatively limited when it comes to the interior design and materials, although you do have the freedom to decorate the exterior and flooring of the sauna in whichever way you like. Still, the opportunity to precisely select every single element and feature for your sauna makes a customised option an appealing choice.

4 person outdoor sauna

DIY Outdoor Sauna Kits

A wonderful alternative to more expensive customized outside saunas are DIY sauna kits, which can be delivered to your home as pre-cut and flat-packed packages for you to assemble at your own pace, or you could even hire someone else to assemble it for you. They are a completely legitimate option, and are an amazing choice if you don’t feel like customized outside saunas are the right choice for you, regardless of whether this is because of the size of your home or garden or your personal preferences.

When it comes to these flat-packed DIY sauna kits, there are few important things to keep in mind. One of these is that the package will include all of the necessary interior materials, but not the flooring or exteriors. On the positive side, however, you’ll be able to decorate your flooring and exteriors as you like. Another significant perk is that DIY sauna kits tend to be a cheaper option compared to pre-built ones, which means that if keeping to a particular budget is important to you then these DIY kits are ideal!

Luxurious Nordic Minimalism

Outdoor saunas are appealing due to their simple and organic design, but this doesn’t mean that there are limited options when it comes to the size, design, or style of your outdoor sauna. For example, you can truly honor the traditions of the sauna’s origins in Finland by purchasing outdoor saunas with a shower. A shower may be either internal or external to the sauna as a separate unit, although if installed within the outdoor saunas then it’s crucial to ensure that adequate draining is accounted for so that the wood doesn’t experience deterioration. Another popular option is the addition of a changing room, which allows for the convenience of a spare place to leave your clothes before entering the outdoor saunas.


Outdoor saunas are not only immensely beautiful, but it is also an incredibly versatile element it incorporates into your garden. Whether you opt for a DIY garden sauna kit or a custom-built outside sauna, a compact vertical model or a barrel garden sauna that can accommodate more people, or an electricity-powered or wood-burning stove, the options are virtually endless. There may be some logistical considerations such as building permits, establishing a foundation for construction as well as the amount of space available to you, but the long term benefits and advantages a garden sauna provides makes this more than worthwhile.

Garden saunas fulfill all of the requirements for the ultimate leisurely, recreational and therapeutic pasttime. Even sessions lasting for only a few minutes each day offer a range of emotional, physical and psychological benefits for your overall health and well-being. The moments you spend in a sauna are a truly reinvigorating and soothing experiencing, enhancing circulation and alleviating stress levels. Alongside adding to the value of your home and the beauty of your garden, the value and tranquillity a sauna will bring to your everyday life is truly unparalleled and more than accounts for any initial investment.

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